«Why Marchand de Soif?» Merchant of Thirst

In my humble opinion, the first and the final meaning of a bottle of wine is that whatever the price, It´s has to be opened and drunk. A well made wine should be able to age, or be drunk immediately.

For ever «The Professionals» tried to codify a language: blueberry, blackcurrant, mushroom, dead leaves. But deep inside, we all forget that the wine has been made to bring pleasure. I really don´t think that it is a necessity to intellectualized this pleasure, but well the opposite, to leave it at every ones own interpretation.

On regular bases my customers acknowledge the fact of having in their own cellar, one or few bottles of wines that they expect to drink on a Special Occasion. My answer to that will always be the same: What is a Special Occasion? For me, it is when you open a Special bottle of wine that you create the Occasion.

To welcome you in an enjoyable and casual environment to speak to you with emotion about wines is and will still be the Philosophy of Marchand de Soif.